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Blaine HS/MS Fall 2016 Athletic Requirements

Aug 16, 2016 3:17 PM

Blaine fall HS/MS 2016 athletic eligibility requirements
The Blaine Borderites 2016 high school fall sports practices begin in August. Football and Cheer for this upcoming fall season begin on Wednesday, August 17. Cross Country, Girls Soccer and Volleyball all start on Monday, August 22. (practice schdules prior to the start of the first day of school will be listed on the NWC Blaine bulletin board) Connie Pilon will be excepting student/athlete paperwork and payments from 9am until 2pm on all weekdays in the main high school office. Blaine student/athletes will need the following paperwork completed and turned in prior to practicing/participating:

1. Orange packet - signed in all necessary places and including insurance information: insurance company name and policy number
2. Concussion form
3. Parent responsibilities contract - signed
4. Current physical on file (physical must be valid for entire sports season and not expire during the sports season)
5. Sports specific informed consent form
6. Participation fee paid - fees not accepted until August 16
7. ASB card purchased - $35 - fees not accepted until August 16
8. Athletic practice transportation form - only needed by girls soccer in the fall

Participation fees for the 2016-17 HS sports season:
$40 for first sport participated in
$25 for second sport participated in
$15 for third sport participated in

$8 Free/Reduced per sport

Blaine Middle School season #1 fall sports begin on August 31, 2016

The Blaine Middle School office will be open to receive fees and paperwork for season #1 all iddle school athletics beginning on Monday August 22, 2016

The Blaine MS season #1 sports offered include Boys Soccer, Cross Country, Football, and Softball. August 31, is the first day of middle school season #1 athletic team practices.

* Middle School ASB cards: $25.00. The Participation fees: $35.00 per school year. $8 Free/Reduced per year

The Blaine Athletic Hot-Line phone number is 332-0303 for daily Blaine HS & MS athletic event schedules

Blaine High School fall 2016 practice date & ...

Aug 22, 2016 7:11 PM

2016 practice times and dates for the upcoming Blaine HS/MS fall athletic programs.

Practice times and dates are subject to change by the Blaine HS fall coaching staffs. Fall practices are held at Blaine High School with the exception of our girls soccer teams that practice at the Pipeline Fields complex. The high school office hours for student/athlete athletic paperwork is weekdays from 9a-2p.

Practice Schedule

*****Due to power & construction issues volleyball will practice in both the Ken Waters and Blaine MS gyms until further notice****

Tues. August 23-Volleyball 9a-12p & 1-4p (Ken Waters). Cross Country 3-5p. Football make-up lift 3p, lift 4p, & practice 5p. Girls Soccer 3:30-5:30p, & Cheer 6-8p

Wed. August 24-Volleyball 9a-12p & 1-4p (Ken Waters and BMS). Cross Country 3-5p. Football make-up lift 3p, lift 4p, & practice 5p. Girls Soccer 3:30-5:30p. Cheer 6-8p

Thurs. August 25-Volleyball 9a-12p & 1-4p (Ken Waters and BMS). Cross Country 3-5p. Football make-up lift 3p, lift 4p, & practice 5p. Girls Soccer 3:30-5:30p. Cheer 6-8p, parent/players coaches meeting for Cheer, Cross Country, Girls Soccer, and Volleyball 5:30p in the PAC.

Fri. August 26-Volleyball 9a-12p & 1-4p (Ken Waters and BMS). Cross Country 3-5p, Football make up lift 3p, lift 4p, & practice 5p. Girls Soccer 3:30-5:30p. Cheer 6-8p.

Sat. August 27-Cross Country 8:15am (meet in HS library). Football make-up lift 9am & pictures 10am. Girls Soccer 9-10:30am, Volleyball 9-11am (Ken Waters and BMS). Cheer 12-2p.

Mon. August 29-Girls Soccer 3:30-5:30p, Cross Country 3-5p, Football practice 3p & make-up lift 6p. Volleyball 3-5p (Ken Waters & BMS), Cheer 6-8p.

Tues. August 30-Cross Country 3-5p. Football practice 3p & make-up lift 5p. Girls Soccer 3:30-5:30p. Volleyball 3-5p (Ken Waters and BMS). Cheer 6-8p.

Wed. August 31-First day of school

Wed. 8/31- First day of school. All Practices at this point will now be held after school and possibly on Saturdays. Please check with your specific sport coaches for practice schedules and times. All Blaine game varsity fall schedules are currently available on this NWC website. NWC sub-varsity 2016 fall schedules are almost all complete with the sub-varsity fall football schedules still pending. Game/match schedules, dates, and times are subject to change during each sport season and are updated on this website when changes are made.

**Blaine MS season #1 begins on 8/31/16, the first day of school. Sports available in season #1 at Blaine MS are boys soccer, cross county, football, & girls softball

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